Healthy Town, USA

Oviedo-Winter Springs Life, March/April 2017

By Jill Cousins

LifeMagazineThe City of Oviedo, a client of CareHere Crowne LLC, has been featured in Oviedo-Winter Springs Life magazine, a premier lifestyle publication dedicated to publishing positive and uplifting stories about the local community.

Since opening its health center in March of 2010, the city reduced health cost trends and improved care for plan members.  Enjoy this feature article about the city’s wellness programs designed to encourage healthy lifestyles.  Read the article (PDF)

In case you missed it, visit Crowne’s “In the News” page for a full list of recent news articles, including a healthcare reform Q&A in the Orlando Business Journal.

Scoring an A+ in Employee Care

How onsite care and data-driven
programs save millions.

Jan. 30, 2013 — Crowne Consulting Group and CareHere joined the nation’s top benefits experts this week at the Health Benefits Conference & Expo (HBCE) in Clearwater, Florida.   In addition to being featured exhibitors at the conference, CareHere’s Director of Strategic Development, John Watson, joined Pasco Schools and Med-Vision LLC in offering a dynamic presentation on how to save money through onsite care and data-driven programs. Rather than passing rising health costs on to employees, CareHere and Med-Vision helped Pasco County schools discover an innovative approach to cut costs by enhancing healthcare for its more than 8,000 employees.  By coupling onsite health and wellness centers with customized wellness programs to engage employees, Pasco County schools flattened prescription drug costs and reduced health costs nearly 5 percent, saving more than $2 million in 2011. Mary Tillman, Pasco Schools’ Director of Employee Benefits, discussed the financial value of boosting employee health.  Med-Vision’s Vice President, Connie Gee, explained how health data analytics and wellness planning is crucial to controlling costs, and John Watson of CareHere highlighted the implementation and long-term benefits of Pasco Schools’ CareHere health centers. For more information about Health & Wellness Centers, e-mail