Improving Conditions:
Crowne Consulting Group Inc.
boosts revenue with clinic operations

Orlando Business Journal, Aug. 10, 2012
Bill Orben, Associate Managing Editor

Crowne Consulting Group Inc. is helping the city of Ocoee beat the odds on health care costs.

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates health insurance premiums increased by 114 percent nationally in 2010, but the city is spending the same $3.4 million on health insurance it spent five years ago.

That’s because the city has been able to hold the line on what it spends on health insurance and how much comes out of the pockets of its employees by operating a clinic instead of paying the fees private doctors and other health care providers charge…

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City of Oviedo’s onsite health center operated by Crowne Consulting Group helps employer improve employee healthcare while lowering medical trend increases.

Feb. 28, 2012 (Ocoee, Fla.) – Crowne Consulting Group, Inc., an employee benefits consulting firm specializing in onsite health and wellness centers in Florida, reports that the City of Oviedo reduced health cost trends by adding a worksite health center for employees.

Since opening the center in March of 2010 in an effort to avoid passing increased health costs to city workers, the City of Oviedo reversed its trend down to just a 2 percent annual increase.  This defies the nation’s average 12 percent annual rise for medical inflation.  Financial savings include all operational costs for the health center, which is co-operated by Ocoee-based Crowne Consulting Group and Tennessee-based CareHere, LLC.

City Manager Kathryn Breazeale believes that over the past two years, employees benefited by receiving free generic medication and health and wellness services provided through the clinic.

Approximately 85 percent of the city’s 245 eligible employees visited the free clinic in the first year for more than 3,000 service appointments including primary care, screenings, chronic disease management, digital X-rays, EKG, and occupational services.  In addition to zero deductibles for services, 80 percent of the city’s employees benefited from free health risk assessments with lab work for evaluation of cholesterol, blood sugar, liver function, and blood pressure.

“Assessing risks early and engaging employees to manage conditions is a contributing factor to thousands of dollars saved for employees and taxpayers,” said Ray Tomlinson, president of Crowne Consulting Group.

In addition, thanks to wholesale rates, the city’s total prescription costs through Crowne and CareHere decreased 8 percent per member.

About Crowne Consulting Group, Inc:

Crowne Consulting Group, Inc., founded in 1986, consults and provides administrative oversight services for onsite health and wellness centers to employers and is a related company with The Crowne Group, an employee benefits consulting firm, specializing in employer solutions and personal lines of insurance.  Crowne’s experts have a cumulative 100 years of experience in serving public sector employers such as school boards, city and county government, as well as private organizations.  The firm’s mission is to bring innovative solutions that meet the fiscal responsibility of employers and maximizes investments.  Solutions include health reimbursement arrangements, self-funded plans, onsite health and wellness centers, as well as risk management and human resources consulting.