Four Steps to Lower Healthcare Costs:
Benefits of Onsite Care During the Holidays

For a large number of corporations, businesses, and municipalities in Florida, employee health centers are just what the doctor ordered.  Adopting the onsite health model is improving quality of employee healthcare while drastically decreasing costs.

Crowne Consulting Group, Inc. collaborates with Tennessee-based CareHere, LLC to operate more than 25 employee health and wellness centers throughout Florida.  Crowne’s experts explain why easier access translates to lower costs for employers and employees, especially during the turbulent flu season and busy holidays.

1)     Worksite health services reduce “time off” and increase incentives to seek medical care.  Prompt attention is especially important during the Fall and Winter months, when flus and colds run rampant.

2)     Employees pay zero copays and no deductibles, preventing delays for financial reasons.  Employees can benefit from more cash in their pockets during the holidays.  Free health risk assessments (HRAs) and lab work for evaluation of cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure can also be conducted onsite to uncover or mitigate health risks.

3)     Primary care, labs, free prescriptions and more are fulfilled in one convenient visit.  This saves time and serves as one more checkmark on the shopping list.

4)     Disease management and wellness programs ensure chronic diseases are kept in check.  No matter the season, disease management and wellness should remain a top priority for preventing illness and avoiding costly conditions.

Remember that when considering the launch of any cost-saving healthcare solution, experience is most important.  Crowne Consulting Group’s team has expertise in serving corporations and private organizations as well as public sector employers.  Crowne’s team strategically collaborates with CareHere LLC to help employers hire medical staff and operate health centers.  CareHere operates more than 100 health centers nationwide, specializing in providing onsite healthcare through employers by making healthcare easier, better and more affordable.

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