Client Testimonials

Crowne Gives Clients the Royal Treatment

Our district opened the first three clinics in early 2011 after years of escalating employee co-pays and medication costs. Our health plan budget was increasing at a rate of 9-12% annually. Employee wellness, a victim of these increasing costs was diminished. In our experience, Crowne Consulting/CareHere has exceeded expectations in every area. The District has saved/avoided over $26 million dollars in health and medication expenditures and employees have saved over $4 million dollars in co-pays for office visits and generic medication. We estimate that over 90% of our insurance eligible employees have used the medical clinics at some point since inception. The testimonials we receive from employees regarding the well ness programs including smoking cessation and weight loss/exercise are inspiring. Pasco County Schools recently opened two additional clinics, which is a testament to the support and success of these facilities. We are grateful for the partnership we have with Crowne Consulting/CareHere. Their service is outstanding, supporting our district in all areas.

Kurt S. Browning

Superintendent of Schools

Pasco County Schools

Spring 2016

Crowne and CareHere have been outstanding.  They worked closely with our maintenance and telecom departments so that everything was set up to open on schedule, and they offered orientations for our employees.  They even offered a prize incentive with a drawing to get many employees in to utilize the health center. The hours of operation are convenient for our employees, and the health center is stocking generic drugs based on our past health claims needs, which means that employees walk out with what they need.

Mary Tillman

Director of Internal Audit

Pasco County Schools

We’ve been able to save taxpayer dollars and flatten the cost trend by assessing risks early and having a healthier, more productive workforce.  There is also easy access for employees in getting to the clinic, and the staff provides friendly, quick, efficient care.

Jared Sorensen

Director of HR & Risk Management

City of Ocala

Crowne and CareHere have been very professional and are experts at what they do.  Everybody has a specialized role to play in operations, and communication has been excellent.  The health and wellness center provides convenient and quick service, and the employees have quality time with the doctors, less of wait, and no out-of-pocket expenses.

Lauren Deridder

Risk Management

Lake County Schools

By reducing healthcare costs, city funds may be used in other areas such as employee wage increases, purchasing new equipment, and technology to improve efficiency.  Employees are very positive about the employee health and wellness center…The quality medical care is offered at no cost to the employee; it is one of the best benefits to receive.

Connie Collins

Human Resources Director

City of Oviedo

Employee Health Insurance is a large and somewhat unmanageable cost to all employers including school districts. In order to provide our employees with health care alternatives and find ways to manage our health care costs, Lake County Schools entered into a 5-year agreement with CareHere Crowne, LLC in May 2011 to provide medical services and operate our Wellness Center program. We opened our first Wellness Center in August 2011 and opened 2 more in August 2012 and February 2013. The response from our employees has been tremendous both in the accessibility and quality of the services provided. Under our Wellness Program, CareHere Crowne operates all three of our wellness centers. For the employee, there are no co-pays for the office visit or for most prescriptions. For the District, every patient visit that is seen by the wellness center instead of another physician saves the District in excess of $150. We have contained our health care cost increases to 2.66 % per year when trend has been in excess of 9% …

Carol MacLeod, CPA, SFO

Chief Financial Officer

Lake County Schools

Spring 2016