Services Provided

  • Primary Care Services

Primary Care Services available at the health and wellness center for employees, dependents, retirees, and other participants as determined by the employer would be those services typically performed in a primary or family-care office environment. Because the health and wellness center is dedicated to the organizations, there is no double-booking of patients and more time available for patient visits. Furthermore, the medical staff becomes intimately aware of the group’s medical needs and can strategically develop a comprehensive disease management and wellness program. Electronic medical records retain all medical data and are compliant with HIPAA and privacy requirements.

  • Occupational Services

Occupational Services at the health center for employees include treatment for work-related injuries or illnesses, drug testing, pre-employment screening, annual and/or fitness for duty exams. All of the medical professionals are OSHA knowledgeable disclose only information to employers that is exempt under the HIPAA regulations.

  • Pharmacy Services

By offering prepackaged prescriptions at wholesale cost, employers avoid hefty mark-ups with alternative purchasing methods, even after rebates. By reviewing employer’s specific claims data and identifying the most utilized prescriptions, we can determine which Rx to conveniently distribute through the health center, avoiding a trip to the pharmacy and additional co-pay.

  • Proactive Disease Management and Wellness Services

Unlike other wellness programs that are triggered by large claims or passive educational material, this program includes an active approach based on extensive lab work and Health Risk Assessments. This allows medical staff to proactively bring medical concerns to the attention of patients as well as create a plan of action and accountability mitigating more extensive health problems. This hands-on approach will have a tremendous impact on employer’s members and their health.