Health & Wellness Centers

Having a Health and Wellness Center on-site or nearby will allow employees and their dependents to have access to highly qualified medical professionals with the time and emphasis on improving health. The convenience of the facility and the staff’s hands-on approach will increase involvement and improve overall wellness of participating members.

Onsite health centers provide comprehensive medical services to treat acute illness and chronic disease. Patients access a range of medical services, including x-rays and a pharmacy, in addition to treatment for chronic conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Some of the benefits include:

-Decreased healthcare cost trends
-Decreased occupational services costs
-Increased productivity
-Increased morale
-Improved recruiting and retention

In response to the growing demand for risk management coupled with self-funded plans, the benefits experts at Crowne Consulting Group have launched an affiliate onsite-healthcare company, Medical Risk Solutions ( In conjunction with trusted medical partnerships, Crowne and Medical Risk Solutions remain positioned to help school boards, city and county government, sheriff offices, as well as private organizations to implement employee health and wellness centers.

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