Group Insurance

The Crowne Group offers a wide spectrum of group medical, dental and other insurance programs to meet the needs of our clients and prospective clients. We represent public and private clients ranging in size from 15 employees to several thousand. Our agents possess expertise in all types of funding arrangements including partially self-insured, minimum premium arrangements, administrative services only and fully insured. The Crowne Group’s goal is to bring creative solutions to all of its clients by being comprehensive, accurate and diligent in knowing their specific wants, needs and goal. We desire for our relationship with you to be a partnership… one where together we will work to bring the best results that benefit you, your employees and families.

In today’s world, employers are faced with two difficult challenges. First staying ahead of the liability concerns associated with changing labor laws and the demand for more accurate record keeping. Second, finding the balance between the affordability of rising health care premiums and the need to have a competitive level of benefits that will attract and retain employees. The Crowne Group has a great deal of experience in helping employers, both public and private, find solutions to both of these challenges. Out approach with you will not be a “one size fits all”, but rather, one that evolves from a comprehensive evaluation of all facets of your present benefit plans.