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Crowne Consulting Group was recently featured in American City & County Magazine for its expertise for serving governments and municipalities.  See the excerpt below and visit the magazine link to read this entire article.

Bankrolling benefits

Local governments’ varied responses to the Affordable Care Act

By Derek Prall, American City and County Magazine, Feb. 2015

Excerpt:Onsite Care “…Regardless of the number of employees affected, the ACA has created numerous challenges for Human Resources departments – especially those with constrained budgets. Ray Tomlinson, president of Crowne Consulting Group, an organization helping business and governments set up health clinics, says in this way, local governments are no different than their private sector counterparts. “[Because of the ACA,] employers are experiencing additional oversight, restrictions and costs,” he says. From a local government standpoint, there is now less management discretion at designing benefits packages that would help keep costs low, Tomlinson says.

However, municipalities are increasingly looking to an outside-the-box solution, Tomlinson says, opening onsite or near-site health clinics. These facilities cut down on costs by lowering the number of claims made by covered employees and thus lowering expenses across the board.

“The Affordable Care Act has actually created – even if unintentionally – an opportunity for employers to take a look at the onsite or near-site clinic or heath center as an option to run alongside of their health plan,” says Tomlinson.

Several municipalities have opened health clinics in the past few years, including ….”

Read this full article at:  Contact Crowne Consulting Group at 407-654-5414 for more information about onsite health and wellness centers.

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