Employee Benefits News: Onsite Care

5 Ways Worksite Clinics Facilitate Savings

Employee Benefits News (EBN)
May 2, 2014
by Daniel K. Ross of Med-Vision

There’s a glimmer of good news for employer-sponsored healthcare programs. Near-site and on-site clinics offering primary care, often referred to as “employee health centers,” are bringing overall plan-cost reductions along with measurable member-health improvements

Plan managers closely studying plan performance are realizing two basic tenets of healthcare risk management: 1.) existing disease is always better when identified at the earliest possible time, and 2.) the greatest ROI comes from preventing negative health events before they happen. In response, on-site health centers are including primary care, occupational services, pharmacy, disease management, x-rays, and wellness services along with the employee benefits of zero copays, free screenings, free generic prescriptions, and increased physician face-time. Consider these unique ways on-site health centers are improving the risk-management process…

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