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Pasco Schools, Fall 2014:

The local news media is talking about major successes in onsite healthcare.  CareHere and Crowne Consulting Group’s client, Pasco County School District, has reported that the district has saved millions of dollars.  Tampa Bay Times notes $9.2 Million saved, while the Tampa Tribune references over $14 Million saved over the past three years of Pasco Schools having employee health and wellness centers onsite.  Article quotes include:

~ “I’ve been on the board for six years, and I think this is one of the most significant decisions the board has made,” board member Joanne Hurley said of the clinics. “It’s a feather in our cap.”

~ Board member Cynthia Armstrong called the clinics “a win-win” for administrators and staff.

~ “Employees actually said ‘Wow, you’re helping us save money’ and we said ‘Wow, you’re helping us save money.’ “

“I think this is one of the most significant decisions this board has made in terms of employee well-being and containing costs,” board member Joanne Hurley said at a recent board workshop….

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UPDATED LIST 10-26-14: Expansion Approved

-Clinic for County Workers to Expand
Tampa Tribune, Ronnie Blair, Oct. 26, 2014

-School District Clinics Thrive
Tampa Tribune, Ronnie Blair, August 24, 2014

-Pasco School Board considers expanding employee health clinic
Tampa Bay Times, Lisa Buie, August 12, 2014

-Pasco School Board considers expanding employee clinic
BayNews9, News Brief, August 13, 2014

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Earning an A+ in Healthcare
How schools are making the grade in employee benefits

By Ray Tomlinson, President of Crowne Consulting Group

Healthcare expenses are ballooning nationwide, but forward-thinking school districts have taken matters into their own hands to push down costs.  Districts across Florida are finding value in providing primary-care services for employees at or near the worksite.  Employees visiting onsite health and wellness centers enjoy increased access to low-cost preventative care, which is helping employers to lower average healthcare costs.

Florida-based Crowne Consulting Group has become the state’s one-stop-shop for implementing and maintaining onsite care programs.  Crowne collaborates with the medical experts at Tennessee-based CareHere, LLC to operate nearly 30 on- or near-site health and wellness centers throughout Florida, including centers for several school districts.

In addition to physicians, the staff typically includes nurses, dieticians, exercise physiologists, and other medical staff.  Patients access a wide range of services, including x-rays and physicals, as well as comprehensive treatment for conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Patients make their own appointments online or by phone for a 20-minute visit with a doctor. They can reserve additional time with the physician if needed, and they never have to pay a copay.  What’s more, patients can walk out of their appointment with a free generic prescription in hand.  This ease of use and cost-free care keeps utilization high.  Diverting a large portion of doctor visits to the controlled-cost centers keeps outside health claims cost significantly lower.

“Our costs for the health centers, including operations and administration, are approximately 30 to 70 percent less than what employers are paying under the fee-for-service model,” according to Ray Tomlinson, president of Crowne Consulting Group.

Crowne’s client Pasco County Schools offers four Employee Health & Wellness Centers for over 8,000 employees, retirees, and dependents.  Within the first year of opening its first center, the district reduced health costs 5 percent, saving over $2 Million.  The district was also able to flatten prescription drug expenses and reduce workers’ compensation costs by 50 percent.

In addition to Pasco County Schools, Crowne has helped Citrus County Schools, Lake County Schools, and St. Johns County Schools to save millions of dollars in healthcare costs, while enhancing care for employees.  Newcomers Levy County Schools, which opened earlier this year, and Indian River Schools, slated to open in September, are poised for similar results.

Remember that when considering the launch of any cost-saving healthcare solution, experience is most important.  Visit owd.dev/PCHP/CrowneGroup/wp and contact Crowne Consulting Group’s team at 407.654.5414 to learn about their years of expertise in serving school districts.

5 Ways Worksite Clinics Facilitate Savings

Employee Benefits News (EBN)
May 2, 2014
by Daniel K. Ross of Med-Vision

There’s a glimmer of good news for employer-sponsored healthcare programs. Near-site and on-site clinics offering primary care, often referred to as “employee health centers,” are bringing overall plan-cost reductions along with measurable member-health improvements

Plan managers closely studying plan performance are realizing two basic tenets of healthcare risk management: 1.) existing disease is always better when identified at the earliest possible time, and 2.) the greatest ROI comes from preventing negative health events before they happen. In response, on-site health centers are including primary care, occupational services, pharmacy, disease management, x-rays, and wellness services along with the employee benefits of zero copays, free screenings, free generic prescriptions, and increased physician face-time. Consider these unique ways on-site health centers are improving the risk-management process…

For this full article, visit EBN’s Website.

School Board Signs CareHere to Provide Health Clinic

Newspaper Article Clipping
VeroNews, Feb 25, 2014
by Debbie Carson

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — The Indian River County School Board Tuesday night approved a three-year contract with CareHere to provide an employee health clinic School District employees and their families can use.

…CareHere is expected to provide services to employees who voluntarily sign up for the health clinic option beginning sometime around July 1… Visit VeroNews to view this full story.  See our “In the News” page for more stories about center openings and successes.

1/27/2014 news report by GTN News discusses the reason why Levy County Schools is opening an Employee Healthcare Center with the help of CareHere and Crowne Consulting Group. The Levy County School Board is looking to keep employee health care costs from climbing too much through the act of increasing employee wellness and enhancing affordable access to quality care.

Crowne Client Awarded Top 100
Healthiest Workplaces in America

Jan. 16, 2014 – Healthiest Employers, the leader in employee health best practices and benchmark data, has announced the induction of The District School Board of Pasco County into the 2014 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America.  The District was named #35 on the Top 100 list, which honors the “best of the best” employers, those who blaze the path to a healthy workplace for their peers. Representing employers of all sizes, all regions and all industries, the District is among organizations that have comprehensively incorporated the most vital corporate wellness practices.  The District was recognized for moving beyond healthy living sound bites to the development of a practical, effective, and continuously improving framework for creating a sustainably healthy workplace.

Consulting Group collaborates with CareHere LLC in operating four onsite Health & Wellness Centers for Pasco schools’ employees, dependents, and retirees.  For zero deductibles and no costs, the District’s health-plan members have free access to primary medical, screenings, lab work, X-rays, EKG, occupational health, wellness programs, disease management, and generic prescriptions.  Watch a news report highlighting the District’s successes with onsite healthcare.

Enhanced Employee Benefits and Onsite Care Bring Lower Healthcare Costs

City of Leesburg’s Employee Wellness Center, operated by Crowne Consulting Group
and CareHere, has had high utilization of medical services and has decreased
employee healthcare costs.
Crowne-Leesburg Press Release-11-14-13

Nov. 14, 2013 (Ocoee, Fla.)Crowne Consulting Group, an employee benefits consulting firm specializing in onsite health and wellness centers in Florida, reports that the City of Leesburg has saved millions of dollars by adding a worksite health center for employees, retirees, and dependents covered under its healthcare plan.

The City of Leesburg’s Employee Wellness Center saved the city $1.3 million within the first year of opening in January 2011.  The trend continued in 2012 with $459,000 in savings, and this year pushing $600,000 saved dollars back into the general fund.

Dann Herrin, Leesburg’s Assistant Director, Human Services, says these savings will increase because the city has recently added workers’ compensation, triage, and occupational health services through the employee wellness center, which is co-operated by Crowne Consulting Group and Tennessee-based CareHere, LLC.

“I think CareHere’s onsite care model has been outstanding, and the Crowne folks have been a wonderful resource – they’re always there when we need them,” said Herrin.  “At first, I was skeptical if our employees would switch doctors and use the center, but the medical service providers were outstanding at keeping employees very comfortable.”

Approximately 86 percent of the city’s 1100 eligible members eagerly visited the center in the first year for primary care, screenings, and chronic disease management.  A reputation of quality service and no out-of-pocket costs drove utilization up to 96 percent this year.

“It’s a win-win-win,” added Herrin.  “Taxpayers save money, the city can reallocate savings for more resources, and the employees see outstanding financial savings while easily accessing care.”

About Crowne Consulting Group, Inc:
Crowne Consulting Group, Inc., founded in 1986, consults and provides administrative oversight services for onsite health and wellness centers to employers and is a related company with The Crowne Group, an employee benefits consulting firm, specializing in employer solutions and personal lines of insurance.  Crowne’s experts have experience in serving public sector employers such as school boards, city and county government, as well as private organizations.  Solutions for consumer-driven plans include health reimbursement arrangements, self-funded plans, onsite health and wellness centers, as well as risk management and human resources consulting.

Four Steps to Lower Healthcare Costs:
Benefits of Onsite Care During the Holidays

For a large number of corporations, businesses, and municipalities in Florida, employee health centers are just what the doctor ordered.  Adopting the onsite health model is improving quality of employee healthcare while drastically decreasing costs.

Crowne Consulting Group, Inc. collaborates with Tennessee-based CareHere, LLC to operate more than 25 employee health and wellness centers throughout Florida.  Crowne’s experts explain why easier access translates to lower costs for employers and employees, especially during the turbulent flu season and busy holidays.

1)     Worksite health services reduce “time off” and increase incentives to seek medical care.  Prompt attention is especially important during the Fall and Winter months, when flus and colds run rampant.

2)     Employees pay zero copays and no deductibles, preventing delays for financial reasons.  Employees can benefit from more cash in their pockets during the holidays.  Free health risk assessments (HRAs) and lab work for evaluation of cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure can also be conducted onsite to uncover or mitigate health risks.

3)     Primary care, labs, free prescriptions and more are fulfilled in one convenient visit.  This saves time and serves as one more checkmark on the shopping list.

4)     Disease management and wellness programs ensure chronic diseases are kept in check.  No matter the season, disease management and wellness should remain a top priority for preventing illness and avoiding costly conditions.

Remember that when considering the launch of any cost-saving healthcare solution, experience is most important.  Crowne Consulting Group’s team has expertise in serving corporations and private organizations as well as public sector employers.  Crowne’s team strategically collaborates with CareHere LLC to help employers hire medical staff and operate health centers.  CareHere operates more than 100 health centers nationwide, specializing in providing onsite healthcare through employers by making healthcare easier, better and more affordable.

…Learn more about onsite healthcare.

Television News Report:
BayNews9,  9/27/2013

BayNews9 reported on the District School Board of Pasco County’s ribbon cutting for its 4th Health & Wellness Center for employees.  Crowne Consulting Group and CareHere, which operate the health centers, helped celebrate the new center opening on Sept. 27, 2013. In this news report, the Superintendent discusses the benefits of how employees, retirees, and dependents covered by the District School Board of Pasco County’s group health plan can receive medical services including treatment for primary care, lab work, medication, x-rays, and more at no out-of-pocket cost at any onsite CareHere Health Center.  Learn more about this special event.

Press Release


Pasco School District to Open 4th Health Center

Land O’Lakes, FL – (September 24, 2013) – The District School Board of Pasco County will hold a ribbon cutting and tours for its newest CareHere Health & Wellness Center at Hudson Middle School on Friday, September 27, at 10 a.m.

Superintendent Kurt Browning, School Board chairman Cynthia Armstrong, and School Board member Steve Luikart will be joined by Crowne Consulting Group/CareHere representatives and district Employee Benefits staff for the short program that will precede the ribbon cutting.  The Center will be open the rest of the day for staff and family members to tour.

Employees, retirees, and dependents covered by the District School Board of Pasco County’s group health plan (Florida Blue, formerly Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida) can receive medical services including treatment for primary care, lab work, medication, x-rays, and more at no out-of-pocket cost at any onsite CareHere Health Center.  Other centers are located near Gulf High School, Land O’ Lakes High School, and Centennial Middle School.

Crowne Consulting Group, an employee benefits consulting firm, is co-administrator of more than 25 health centers throughout Florida, helping Tennessee-based partners CareHere surpass a milestone of 100 centers nationwide.

District employees and retirees can schedule appointments at any of the District’s four CareHere Health & Wellness Centers by calling 1.877.423.1330, or logging on to www.CareHere.com.  The new CareHere Health & Wellness Center is located at 14730 Cobra Way, Hudson; however, Google Maps does not have that address in the proper location.  See the map below for the exact location, and if you plan to use GPS, use the middle school address, 14540 Cobra Way.


Pasco Schools Media Contact: Linda Cobbe, Director Communications & Government Relations, (813)794-2717 / (727)774-2717 / (352)524-2717.

Visit Crowne’s “In the News” page for more information about Health and Wellness Centers across the state of Florida.  See Event Photos below.