Improving Conditions:
Crowne Consulting Group Inc.
boosts revenue with clinic operations

Orlando Business Journal, Aug. 10, 2012
Bill Orben, Associate Managing Editor

Crowne Consulting Group Inc. is helping the city of Ocoee beat the odds on health care costs.

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates health insurance premiums increased by 114 percent nationally in 2010, but the city is spending the same $3.4 million on health insurance it spent five years ago.

That’s because the city has been able to hold the line on what it spends on health insurance and how much comes out of the pockets of its employees by operating a clinic instead of paying the fees private doctors and other health care providers charge…

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On-Site Health Centers Save Local Governments Money

Several Florida cities have on-site clinics that are free for public employees and result in fewer long-term health problems and lower costs for everyone.

By David Levine, June 2012

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